Who are the Sorbs

    Sorbs are a Western Slavic people of Central Europe living in Lusatia. They are divided into two language groups, Upper Sorbian and Lower Sorbian (also know as Wends). Primary cultural-intellectual centre is located in north Saxony and south Brandenburg, but also in Texas and Australia for example live Sorbian speaking groups.

    Each language and culture is something very special. Sorben.org fights with your support for raising people's awareness of the issue. We must transform the resources given to us as much as possible to get most out of it. The internet offers the right platform. We reach millions of interested people.

Sorbian EU-Memorandum

One week ahead of the commencement of the Irish EU-Presidency, a prologue to the Sorbian Wendish EU-Memorandum was handed over to the President of the EU Commission in Brussels.The Sorbian Wendish Memorandum is an emergency call and reflects the lively debate that is under way in Germany. Several Sorbian scientists, writers and consultants, such as Ralph Kappler (Halo Energy), Dr. Peter Kroh (Sorbian Jan Skala biographer), the author Dr. Juergen Buchman (Encheridion Vandalicum) and Hannes Wilhelm-Kell ... read more

British Know-How to Strengthen Germany’s Oldest Minority

For the first time since WWII, a Sorbian delegation will participate in a press conference in the British capital. Thebriefing on 7th May 2002 at the Foreign Press Association has been organised by a joint British-German expert team. Theculturally vibrant but economically depressed Lusatia region, home to the smallest Slavonic nation for more than sixteen hundredyears, is under threat from large-scale open cast lignite mining. In particular, the struggle for the Sorbian village Horno hascaptured ... read more